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Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations!

There are many benefits to sustainability, both short-term and long-term. If harmful processes are maintained with no change, it is likely that we will run out of fossil fuels, huge numbers of animal species will become extinct, and the atmosphere will be irreparably damaged.

What are the benefits to being sustainable?

Reduction in energy usage-

There are many ways you can become more sustainable and reduce the amount of energy you use. For example, turning down your heating by a degree will save 13% of energy you use. Try layering up when you can and save a lot of energy. An added bonus is it will also save you the costs of all that energy you can be saving! There are also many easy ways you can be more sustainable and save energy. Simple things like turning off lights, having shorter showers, airdrying clothes instead of using a tumble dryer are all a step towards living more sustainably.

Less waste-

Unsustainable products contain non-biodegradable materials and toxic chemicals that can pollute streams, rivers and oceans. these products take along time to degrade and may also end up entering food chains. Most products you use on a daily basis will have a sustainable alternative. For example toiletry products. There are many reusable and sustainable product options out there that you can make a simple switch to. 

Less pollution-

Using sustainable sources of energy help reduce the pollution which is being put into our atmosphere and damaging our O-zone layer. Reducing the use of fossils fuels such as coal, gas and oil significantly reduces the pollution being put into our atmosphere. We can do this by reducing the energy we use as explained earlier on, or by using renewable energy sources all together such as solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Why be sustainable?

In the long-term, everyone benefits from improved water and air quality, reduced landfills, and more renewable energy sources. Sustainable living now will make a real positive difference to our lifestyles in the future. If we focus on being sustainable, the entire world will benefit and get to live in clean, more healthy living conditions for a longer period of time. Being sustainable will not only make our current quality of life better but will also ensure a better quality of life and availability of resources for future generations.

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