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Why want something second hand that’s been upcycled? It sounds gross, who would buy ‘waste’? Well there are MANY reasons! Here are just a few…

Recycled, Upcycled or even ‘Creative Reuse” – whatever you call it, this is the transformation of a waste products that gets rescued and remade into a brand-new product! Here are a few reasons why we would urge anyone to buy upcycled! Unique! Most products are made by hand which means they can be tailored to…

How to be more “green” at your next exhibition

Would you like to be more environmentally sustainable now events are returning? Here is a video to show you how – it’s worth watching to the end!

Plastic Free July – A Challenge For Us All To Consider

Every fortnight my black bin is virtually empty, but my recycling boxes overflow. So would it be better to just not chose the plastic option altogether? Plastic Free July is a global movement that requires choosing to refuse single-use plastics throughout the month of July, and find plastic free alternatives instead. So where do you…

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