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Why want something second hand that’s been upcycled? It sounds gross, who would buy ‘waste’? Well there are MANY reasons! Here are just a few…

Recycled, Upcycled or even ‘Creative Reuse” – whatever you call it, this is the transformation of a waste products that gets rescued and remade into a brand-new product! Here are a few reasons why we would urge anyone to buy upcycled!


Most products are made by hand which means they can be tailored to you. Due to the nature of ‘waste’ being off cuts it is also rare to find two identical items – there are often imperfections in the material which makes the product perfect.

Higher Quality

People who upcycle are people that love their products and the people who use them. Which means that extra care and attention has been given to your product so it will be of a higher quality!


Reduce what is going to landfill

Once they are no longer needed they go to landfill or get incinerated. Earlier this year the Guardian found that there are currently 21,000 old landfill sites scattered cross the UK – 1287 of these are categorized as having hazardous waste which would cause huge health and environmental risks if this was to escape. 6 landfill sites are underneath schools! (source: Toxic waste lies beneath schools in England and Wales, map shows | Waste | The Guardian)  Imagine if all this got recycled into new products and it no longer went to landfill? That would be a GIGANTIC saving.

Reduce the production of new products

Products made new use a tremendous amount of water, fossil fuel and gas emissions. By reducing the need for new, we reduce all of this. And decrease the use of raw materials and natural resources.  By upcycling something you reduce the carbon footprint by 75%!!!!

Support local industries

Likelihood is you will be buying from an independent local business. Your spending will make a bigger difference to the business owner. Therefore you would directly influence the growth of the company; job creation and the profit will stay within the local economy!

Feel Good!

You will have done your bit for the environment, you can show off your eco-friendly product and feel fabulous for having something ‘new that noone else can have!

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