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Heather and Yvonne met almost 10 years ago, working at an exhibition stand design company. They worked together on various projects having lots and lots of fun along the way. Generally, the boss thought they talked too much and wouldn’t let them onsite as a pair. They still remember the first exhibition they attended together – the build was long and hard, the breakdown was quick – but to this day they still discuss the shock they had when they saw the ‘empty’ exhibition hall.

The hall was empty of stands, empty of people and there was nothing flying through the air. BUT it was still full – full of waste carpet, large amounts of wood, graphics that had been torn and thrown on the ground, unwanted literature thrown all over the floor (why do people insist on printing on non-recyclable glossy paper!?) and general litter stand builders would leave behind – the floor had turned in to one large bin and it was revolting.

Finally, the day came when the boss logistically had no choice but to let the pair work together to build several smaller stands. They achieved three days of work in just one with plenty of laughter – that showed him! Not long after they had moved on to new jobs.

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