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Businesses With Waste Fabric
How Can Calluna Upcycling Help You?

Fabric Recycling Services Available

Collect & Reclaim

We come and collect your waste fabric recycling on a schedule to suit you. Simply fill your upcycling bin and a member of the team will come to collect it as per your schedule.

We have been upcycling since August 2019, and we know what we’re doing! If you find you’re filling your bin too quickly, or not fast enough thas not an issue. Just give us a call and we can change your schedule to suit.

We are an upper tier waste carrier licence holder and have a Certificate of Registration under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011

Upcycle & Recycle

Your waste fabric is then cut to size, washed and handmade into something new.

There are all sorts of items that can be made from your fabric. From storage boxes, to handbags, your fabric will be put to good use. Once received, we look to see what items would most suit your fabric, and begin work on our task.

Smaller pieces can be sewn together to create larger stretches of fabric. Nothing is ever wasted.

Marketing & PR

Fabric recycling will improve your CSR, and helps towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Strengthen your company’s marketing strategy by showing proof of sustainable credentials by having your logo and link to your website on the supporter’s section of the homepage.

You can have a physical demonstration of improvements, but receiving a photo of a product made from your waste to use in your marketing and PR material.

We can help with supply chain sustainable commitments or a zero to landfill policy.

Want To Know More About Fabric Recycling?

Give us a call on 01743 627400

Send us an email at

Or visit our contact page for more options.

Interested in having an eco-friendly exhibition stand at your next event?

Why not check out our sister business, Calluna Graphix.

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