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How Can Calluna Upcycling Help You?

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Waste fabric is cut to size, washed and handmade into something new, giving it a new life.

There are all sorts of items that are made from waste fabric. From storage boxes, to handbags, the fabric is put to good use. Smaller pieces are sewn together to create larger stretches of fabric. Nothing is ever wasted.

Items are branded with an “I used to be…” label to show off the fact they have been upcycled rather than just made from new. For example, there are many items with “I used to be… an exhibition stand!” and a tote bag with “I used to be… a camping chair”.

These will really appeal to the more ethical buyer and encourage more people to come and visit your store. 

Branded Items

We can brand the items with your logo too! So not only will you be saving fabric from landfill, you get some fab marketing too.

During the making process, both the tote bags and drawstring bags can have your logo embroidered on them. These make brilliant alternatives to the traditional carrier bag. 

You can also strengthen your company’s marketing strategy by showing proof of sustainable credentials by having your logo and link to your website on the supporter’s section of the homepage.

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