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How Much Has Been Saved
By Diverting From Landfill So Far?

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m2 Fabric


kg Carbon


Litres of Water

Figures are approximated.

Due to it being very hard to estimate carbon and water as depends on how farmed, and what energy used to process. Carbon is based on 21.3 CO2 per kg of polyester clothing, as found on Handbook of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Textiles and Clothing. Water is based on 61m3 of water saved per kg of polyester recycled, as found on the Water Footprint Network guide.

Why Upcycle?

We are at a tipping point in time, where if we don’t stop abusing the natural resources on this planet we may never be able to repair the damage.

By choosing to upcycle, we save otherwise useful materials from landfill and reduce the need for production using new or raw materials. This means a reduction in air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Each item is individually made, from old exhibition canvas, roller banners, curtains, PVC banners, camp chairs, tents, air mattresses… you name it, we upcycle it. So the diversity of the items made is huge! No one else will ever have a duplicate.

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