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50 simple ways to be more sustainable!

Imagine a world where every month each individual made 1 tiny lifestyle change to save the world… it would all add up! Maybe some of these changes could even help another person or a charity!

You may already do your bit by turning off lights when you aren’t in the room and turning off the tap when you are brushing their teeth. You may not notice as they are part of your daily routine, so what other small changes could you make?

We have put together a list of 50 simple ways to be more sustainable that you could do without spending lots of money or making huge lifestyle changes!

Food glorious food

Reusable mugs

  1. We love a cup of tea! But boiling a kettle takes up a lot of energy, so make sure you only boil the amount you need!
  2. Invest in a reusable bottle and mug. Great reusable mugs also keep your drinks warmer for longer and many cafes will refill them for you.
  3. Meal plan! It reduces your food shop bill, takes the stress out of “mum, what we having for tea” and should save waste!
  4. Freeze leftovers for another day no matter how small the portion is!
  5. Cut your fruit and veg up and put them in airtight containers – you are more likely to snack on them then chocolate when you look in the fridge and it keeps them longer!
  6. Did you just eat a takeaway? SO jealous! But don’t throw the containers! Keep them, they will come in useful! Whether it is to store leftovers or lego pieces or even as plant pot trays.
  7. A big change would be getting your milk from a local farmer, in a reusable glass bottle. This would be ideal if you can stretch the extra pennies BUT without making any real change you could give the plastic milk bottle tops to charity rather then put them in the recycling. Charities can often receive up to £30 for every 500kgs of bottle tops collect. Some local nurseries and charities that provide people with craft and arts may also take them for their supplies!
  8. Don’t throw your veggie skins – pop them in your green bin or food recycling or even better start your own compost!
  9. Egg shells make a great fertilizer. They also deter slugs – crush your shells up and pop them around your flowers!

When you go shopping

  1. Tote BagsGive unwanted good to Charity or sell them online! Don’t send them to landfill
  2. You never know what gems you might find in charity shops, not just clothes but kitchen items and more. Make it fun searching, turn it into a treasure hunt!
  3. There are secondhand clothing shops online like Vinted that are full of branded clothing and they let you list your items for sale free of charge.
  4. When you go shopping remember your reusable shopping bags! Such as our totes available here.
  5. Try not to put your veg into plastic bags – just pop them straight in your trolley and wash them when you are home!
  6. Where possible shop independent shops. Your money will mean lots more to the business owner.
  7. Shop local – this normally means produce is fresher and the carbon footprint is heavily reduced simply because it hasn’t been transported across the country.
  8. Old paint cans jazzed up with a lick of paint make for good storage and buckets – even ice buckets for your wine!
  9. Do you really need it? Could you mend the one you already have?  We love stitching old socks behind holes in jeans! Especially when you have a fun patterned sock!
  10. If you do want to shop online how about adding ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘sustainable’ in front of the item you are searching for and try and shop from ethical suppliers.
  11. Gift a handmade item, get your kids to make something from your recycling! People will love the effort and unique ness.
  12. Gift experiences or homemade cakes. Or gift a babysitting voucher!
  13. If you want to buy a gift how about something from ourselves (yup, im plugging our own website!) all items are completely unique.
  14. Avoid glitter on greetings cards which is harmful to animals. Aim for biodegradable if possible!
  15. Purchase greetings cards from charities! Giving the gift twice!

Around the house

hot water bottle

  1. Check out your local council website, some have been giving LED bulbs away for free.
  2. Have a spare bucket? Put this in your shower whilst it is warming up. Then use the water for your plants!
  3. Open your blinds and let the sunshine in! Try and resist turning your lights on until a little later. Black out blinds are great for the opposite in the evenings, but they are also fantastic at keeping the heating in!
  4. Talking of heating, could you put another layer on before switching the heat up? If you do turn the heating on do you need to heat the entire house or just a couple of rooms?
  5. And who doesn’t love a hot water bottle!
  6. It is best for the environment to opt for an open window and fresh air – but there is something lovely about watching a flickering flame. Get yourself some wick and cases – once you have no more scent left you can use it whilst still melted to create a new candle! Or pour the melted wax into a glass jar and collect it all – you can melt this all back down it hot water at a later date.
  7. If you are lighting lots of candles, you can light a piece of spaghetti and it will burn much longer – better then several matches and you can relight it next time.
  8. I would be lying if I said I never use the tumble dryer (it is my best friend at 3am when my kids been sick in bed!) but try and avoid using it as much as possible. Hang clothes on airers or outside on the line.

What is in your recycling?

  1. Football recycled into a planterPaint your tins and glass and make them into new items such as pen holders or plant pots. Or screw a few holes into a tin, make them into a pretty pattern then use them as candle holders and watch your pattern glow!
  2. Use recycled paper to wrap presents in, and keep old gift bags to reuse!
  3. Scrap Paper – Could your kids scribble on the back instead of having a new piece of paper? Or could they cut up letters/words from newspapers to make a story?  We use the back of scrap paper for note taking before we put it in the recycling, as an alternative to post it notes.
  4. If you receive parcels in cardboard boxes keep them safe until Christmas, then use them to wrap up awkward shape gifts!
  5. If you receive any BIG boxes pop your kid in it with lots of colouring pencils! Or turn into a tunnel or den with a blanket
  6. Two giant bottles painted and stuck together make good ‘rockets’ for kids backs!
  7. Have lots of fabric scraps? Don’t throw them, keep them as cushion stuffing or use small bits of fabric stitched together to make small Christmas tree decorations or mini ornaments.
  8. Cut the side of a cereal box and instantly make a paper try or drawer divider. Paint or wrap them up in paper to make them pretty.
  9. Have you got lots of plastic container lids and no bottoms? Let your kids paint them to create their own stain glass. Or use them as a paint palette.

You are beautiful

  1. Make Up BagAvoid wearing make-up around the house, I bet you are beautiful without it. If no one is going to see you then make your stocks last longer.
  2. Try and buy make up from eco-friendly sources, there are SO many out there to choose from now. For example, reusable deodorant or shampoo bars? They last longer and reduce plastic waste.
  3. Use cotton wool to remove make up instead of wipes or get yourself reusable pads!
  4. Donate unwanted beauty items to beauty banks. Toiletries too, ask your local hospital or hospice if they would like them for their patients.

 Our children are inspiring

  1. Wooden Train SetChanging over to reusable nappies is a big lifestyle change, not one I would enjoy with a newborn and this list is about small changes we can make. So how about just avoiding nappy bags?  Or putting several nappies into one?
  2. When buying toys wooden are best, and toys with less packaging. Are you like me and question “Where do all these toys keep coming from?”. If your kids have so many they don’t play with them all, try storing them in different boxes and rotate the boxes to keep their interest and make them last longer.
  3. There are toy rentals out there but simply donating/re gifting or selling unwanted toys is far better than sending them to landfill. You can do the same with clothes.


  1. Spend more time outdoors – away from technology. Reduce your electricity usage and feel healthier for the fresh air! I love watching kids explore in the garden and chasing after bugs!
  2. Adopt your pet! Rescue a pet that needs your love! Not only are they far cheaper but they will be so thankful and give you heaps of love in return! Here is our own adorable rescue dog, Pip!

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